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Screen Enclosures of  St. Augustine and Palm Coast, FL

Custom screened enclosures look great and allow you to experience the elements without experiencing bugs and dirt. We’re experts at installing screen doors and windows, as well as screened-in porches, gardens, pools, lanais, and more.

We want to make sure that your screen enclosures last. Florida is known for its stormy weather, but our enclosures will benefit from thoughtful structural supports, including hurricane anchor cables, wind bracing, base bolts, and more. All of these reinforcements are made from high-quality materials.

With Quality 1st Aluminum, your screen enclosures will also benefit from our improvement and maintenance services. We can pour concrete to extend your existing patio or just a footer if needed. On a regular basis, we can install new bug sweeps, new screen enclosures, new base bolts and screws, and new hardware for screen doors. We’ll also clean and maintain your existing hardware, and we can even add fun additions such as pet doors!

covered porches

Helpful Tips

  • 8/14 screen is most commonly used
  • 20/20 screen is great to keep out small bugs & pine needles
  • Florida Glass is great for privacy but also minimizes rain entering on side walls
  • We offer clear view options minimizing wall beams to enhance your view

Screen Enclosures Gallery

Cable Railings 2 Images
Clearview 8 Images
Dome 18 Images
Gable 11 Images
Mansard 50 Images
Pickets 1 Images

We Feature Only the Highest Quality Fiberglass Screening

Phiferglass Standard Screen 18/14

The traditional choice for patio and pool enclosures. This is the standard type of screen.

No-See-Ums Screening 20/20

This is a finer mesh to help keep out small bugs and is also commonly used to keep pine needles from sticking through the enclosure.

Florida Glass Screen 18/14

Vinyl-laminated 18x14 fiberglass mesh. Glass Shield can be installed in the lower enclosure panels to keep dirt and debris out of pool enclosures or as a privacy screen in vertical (wall) applications.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

covered porches

Why Choose Us?

  • Customer Service is what we do best
  • We pay attention to details
  • We work with pool builders
  • We provide Hurricane Season inspections

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