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Patios & Lanais of St. Augustine and Palm Coast, FL

A screened-in patio or lanai will make a beautiful addition to your home. A shaded space, cooled by the breeze, and screened to increase privacy and prevent the inclusion of bugs and dirt – sounds like paradise!

The beauty and durability of your lanai will be largely based on the quality of materials and construction techniques that you choose – and that’s where we come in. We give you plenty of options on how to make your lanai look great and fit your needs.

For example, you can choose a UV blocking screen, or choose one that admits UV rays so you can tan in comfort and privacy. If you’re a pet owner (or a parent) you can purchase a screen that resists abuse from impacts, jumping, and clawing.

You can even design your lanai to incorporate luxury furnishings – as the traditional purpose of a lanai is to provide a true outdoor living space, literally an all-weather extension of your home that can be used as a gathering place for family members. You can design your lanai to include a wet bar, a BBQ pit, a hot tub, or even a swimming pool – the lanai’s the limit!

If you need an extension on your existing lanai, we’ll also pour the concrete and put a cover on top – something that other contractors don’t often do. We can also pour concrete to extend your existing patio or just a footer if needed. Contact us today and we’ll help you design your dream outdoor living space!

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Elite Insulated Panels

The Elite Insulated panel is one of the most popular products we sell and install. The 3″ insulated panels reduce heat by up to 15% and it’s strong enough to walk on – a big plus for home maintenance.

Plus, the Elite Insulated panels come with lots of design options like premium colors, skylights, lighting, and fans to create a spectacular outdoor living space. Family and friends will be delighted to enjoy time outdoors at your home for years to come!

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